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Our active team are happy that you are here. Our mission is to provide assistance to businesses selling products or services, and achieve success in e-commerce. If you need any help with a new internet store design, advertising analysis, bug fixing or conversion improvements, we are here to help You.


Ivars Bandonis

CEO & Web Marketer

Works with e-commerce and internet store development projects. Focusing on internet store effective conversion optimisation and analysis of online customer behaviour and habits. Worked on over 200 different e-commerce projects and helped both small business and SME to grow and develop.


Miroslavs Kobzevs

Web Marketer & Project Lead

Miroslavs is a digital innovation fan. He will help to organise an effective specification, and create a visually compelling online store. Also he is working with foreign clients as well as biggest partners.


Ēriks Zvaigzne

Business Partner & Lead Developer

Ēriks is working with code for over 8 years. He specialises is back-end development, as well as creating custom systems with unique functionality. He is new technology enthusiast, who is ready to find a solution even in most hard situations.

Vilnis Dreimanis

E-commerce Expert

As a head of e-commerce in Stratcom, Vilnis is great at persuading and analytical approach to e-commerce and user experience. He is a total tech fan, buddhist by conviction un every day invests his unending energy in developing and expanding e-commerce channels and possibilities.


Artis Sproģis

Senior Developer

Specialising in e-commerce integrations and database projects. Artis have worked on most difficult integration projects and successfully developed projects for our leading clients. Works with Prestashop, API linking and PHP projects. Has some success in Front-end works as well.


Norberts Jēgers

Web system developer

Norberts is one of the most experienced developers in Stratcom, who have gained experience working on projects in Accenture and Stenders. He brings thoroughness and stability in everything what he develops.


Juris Krišlauks

Junior developer

Juris has a knack for solving complicating tasks in a very fast pace. From the first days in Stratcom team he have proved himself as a reliable and stable coworker. Venturesome pool player, who prefers the green ball over white.

Krišjānis Čeksters


Krišjānis is yet to prove his skills and yet to gain e-commerce and web development knowledge. Supportive and curious colleague.


Oskars Grīns

Junior developer

Oskars is the Stratcom testing cornerstone! Keen and assertive, very talented in front-end challenges, and interested in gaining knowledge in that field. As a basketball and pool connoisseur, in each task he brings some competitive spirit! He is able to carry out any client necessities in a light-hearted manner.